Adohi Partners, LLC

Adohi Partners offers institutional and family office investors access to investment in forestry assets via a vertically integrated platform that incorporates all functions of the investment process, from capital raising to property management.

The participants in Adohi have been collaborating on and closing transactions in the forestry space for more than 10 years, and while all have extensive experience in the timberland asset class, we also have wide-ranging experience in the financial industry including risk analysis, financing, legal and tax structuring, M&A and direct investing.

We approach forestry assets from an investor’s perspective: maximizing risk-adjusted returns while appropriately managing cash flow and liquidity preferences.

Adohi has strategic alliances with F&W Forestry Services, Inc. for land management services and Adams & Reese, LLP for legal and structuring services. F&W provides land management services for investments and maintains the most robust accounting and reporting systems in the industry. Adams and Reese's and F&W’s extensive industry contacts provide additional access to potential acquisitions, and their deep technical know-how supports the transaction underwriting process.